Warranty & Refund

        Feel secure in your purchase!

Raldey Boards aims to produce the highest cost performance off road electric skateboard. We at Raldey Boards promise:

  • 180 day parts & labor warranty against manufacturer defects
  • 90 day battery warranty. (In normal ride, if there is a problem, you need to provide necessary test report)



1.Explanation of 180 days warranty and guarantee repairs:
(1)Guarantee repair refers to the loss of customer's products due to quality problems during the 180 days warranty period, we provide free replacement parts service. If the customer does not install and replace, the customer needs to mail the product to our after-sales service point for repair and replacement service.

(2)Warranty refers to that during the 180 days warranty period, the customer's parts are damaged due to abnormal use,such as break, crash, water immersion, etc. We will provide the customer with a replacement price at a cost price. The customer will bear the shipping cost of the parts.

2. During the warranty period, all parts and replacement parts are sold at cost price. If the parts are damaged due to quality problems, we will replace and repair them for free.

3.During the warranty period, parts damaged due to abnormal use must be purchased at the customer's cost price and bear the increased freight.

 Please contact our customer service if you meet any problem in order to obtain troubleshooting instructions or an RMA.#. Customer service can be reached via service@raldey.com 

Return Policy

     Because of the extremely high cost of shipping, taxes and other fees to our customers and Raldey, we have decided to not allow returns at this time. Please make sure the Raldey board is the right electric skateboard for you. We encourage you to do your research, watch reviews, and reach out to our ambassadors for questions! Once you receive the skateboard, the skateboard is yours to keep. We will help with troubleshooting and warranty as described above, but we will not provide refunds. 

      If your skateboard order has been shipped out from the Raldey Factory, we will not be able to cancel order for you, because after the order have been Forwarded to the logistics company, we are no longer operable and cannot intercept the product.