Become a Distributor

We are continuously striving to expand our business and build a network system for the global cooperation of RALDEY. Therefore we are looking for motivated partners and distributors around the world.

1. In 2007, Juang Xu, the founder of Raldey Boards produced the world's first electric skateboard with a brushless motor and controlled by remote and received the patent for it.

2. Our technology is surpassing most of the famous brands in the market and entering the world at the rate of innovation every year

3. The design concept of our products is: Quickly respond and solve the problems raised by consumers on the original products, and be open-minded to continue to realize consumer demand for future products and make the trip more interesting

In case you feel capable and motivated enough to become a distributor for a whole country or maybe even a smaller region, feel free to send us your application/message via