Raldey Boards Affiliate & Reward program

Raldey Boards Affiliate & Reward program

Share Raldey Boards and get $33 in cash!


Get $60 when your friends or family members get a Raldey Carbon AT on your recommendation. Nothing is sweeter than carving the streets with your buddies!

The Affiliate program for Raldey is a very simple rewarding program for people who make referrals to their friends and families, or YouTubers who get rewards from their creative content.

Please register on the 
link, It is totally FREE to sign up. 

You will get a unique link under the program which works for website: https://www.raldeyboards.com, and you will get 3% ($33 around) reward/commission for every Raldey Board order which go through your own link. The reward could be paid back in below 3 formats:

PayPal Payment ( equal to cash) 
Raldey Gift-card (in the 16 digit code), which could be used for purchasing on https://www.raldey.com(Terms apply: not cash refundable). Gift cards can be shared to friends and family easily. 
Bank Transfer (SWIFT)

As soon as the individual has placed his/her order you will receive 10% of the final sale to your Raldey account. This credit does not expire. The rewards will be paid when order finish, or at your special request like Monthly. For more questions, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Happy Sharing, Happy Rewarding. 

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